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오랜만에 글 올립니다. 이번 iamas dsp코스에서 2학년들이 한국에서 전시를 합니다.정확한 내용은 잘 모르겠지만
관심있는 분들은 가보세요. 전 일본에 있어 가보지 못하지만;;;
이곳 일본에서 재밌는 소식 있으면 또 올릴께요~
Exhibition Title:
Exhibition  :  Soongsil University BK21 Media Division + IAMAS DSP-Course

Songwon Art Center
106-5 Hwa-dong Jongno-gu Seoul S.KOREA
+82 10 6472 7672

2009. 4. 25 (Sat) - 5. 3 (Sun)
11am - 6pm

*Opening Party 5pm, 25 April 2009

Huibeom Yu  Junghwan Sung  CHEMICAL!  Melting Pot  LIM GhaEun  Yang HyunRoc  KIM Dongho Hoonida-Kim  Kitamura Yutaka  Tokisato Mitsuru  Kim dong kwan  Fujiyama Yukimasa Tsutusi kazutaka Ito Yuya

From the 25th of April to the 3rd of May, we will hold the joint
Korea-Japan exhibition "HOME PARTY" at the Sung-Won Art-Centre.
The artists are students from Soongsil University BK21 Media Division
(Korea) and IAMAS DSP Course (Japan).
In this exhibition "HOME PARTY", many artists from Korea and Japan,
coming from various backgrounds and with their own ways of artistic
expression, come together, and exhibit their works.
The concept of this event is that of "HOME PARTY", in which the audience
and artists meet and talk in a warm mood like 'a home party', where you
spend time together with friends and family with good food and drinks.
We hope our works triggers conversations between you and the artists,
and also between the artists themselves.

- - - - - - - - - -

IAMAS/DSP Lectures series 

4/27 10:00~16:00
Physical Computing
Speaker:Shigeru Kobayashi
Designing of toolkits and workshops for physical computing to fill gaps between designers/artists and engineers

4/28 13:00~17:00
Art and Computer Vision

4/29 13:00~17:00
Mobility:The next generation of computing 1
Speaker:Masami Hirabayashi
Contents:CCCity Game
An iPhone/iPodTouch Application for
Creative Commons and a location-aware interface

Mobility:The next generation of computing 2
Speaker:Masayuki Akamatsu
Contents:iPhone as art platform
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